10 Dog Health Issues (Disease) & solutions

Most animal lovers more care about their dog’s health more than they care about their own health. This care comes out of love. Though it sounds a bit extreme, dogs should be loved that way. Dogs are our loyal companions. Their good health depends on our care. If you are really an animal lover of the most kind, you must know the exact reasons of your dog are becoming sick. It is obvious that well-cared-for dogs don’t tend to fall sick very often. But still, some issues can have an impact on your dog health.
The following are the most common health concerns with solutions:

Dental Disease

Dental disease, also called periodontal disease, is very common in adult and senior dogs. But an American Veterinarian Society study states that a big percentage/90% of all dogs in America have some dental disease. It’s an important health issue for dogs. Bad breath is one of the signs of dental disease. If it is overlooked and not treated, it can cause dental tartar buildup, gum inflammation, drooling and eventual tooth loss. It can also lead to kidney, heart and lung disease. The solution is to brush your dog’s teeth two times a day regularly.

Ear Infection

Ear infection is one of the common dog health problems. It can be induced by a contagious strain of bacteria when it enters the body. It also can be induced by allergies, yeast, ear mites and hair growth deep in the ear canal. The features of an ear infection include, head shaking, ear odor, vigorous scratching, lack of balance, redness of ear canal, swelling of the outer portion of the ear, unusual back and forth ear movement, etc. If not treated, an ear infection can cause serious health issues. The solution for ear infection is to routinely clean your dog’s ears. You can also take your favorite pup to a trained veterinarian for a shot of antibiotics.


If your dog is vomiting for a few times, it may not be a big deal. But you should not ignore it. Many reasons can provoke vomiting. Primarily it is if your pupate some unhealthy food or something that it should not digest. It can be an indication of toxicity or some other serious diseases. Consult a veterinarian if he or she is vomiting continuously for days.


Obesity is one of the common problems seen in dogs. Feeding your dog bad junk food has an adverse effect on his or her total health and weight. Obesity can be prevented without difficulty. But if it is not checked, it can cause serious health issues like diabetics, heart disease, and orthopedic problems. The solution is to maintain a steady diet when your dog is overweight. Feed your dog low carb, low grain diets in moderate amounts and include a good exercise program.


Invasion of harmful bacteria can cause diarrhea. One or two episodes of diarrhea are not a big concern, but if it continues for sometimes, it can cause dehydration. Diarrhea may accompany vomiting. Diarrhea is the indication of a problem in the intestine. The other causes of diarrhea include viral infections, food allergies, toxicity and more. Consult your vet if diarrhea continues with vomiting.


Cancer is one of the massive killers in dogs. The symptoms include unusual odors, radical weight loss, lumps, or long-lasting changes in behavior. If you see any of these symptoms in your dog, immediately run to your vet. The cure for cancer for dogs is expensive just like humans. Your dog will be given chemo and other radiation treatments to help kill the cancer cells.


Arthritis is common in the older dogs. When your dog is affected by arthritis, it will move around less, and take more time getting up from lying. Osteoarthritis is the most usual form of arthritis seen in dogs. Arthritis cannot be fully cured, but it can be managed. With diet and nutrition, you can slow down your dog’s arthritis process. Your vet will recommend both medications and physical therapy to treat the disease.

Heart Disease

Various heart diseases are seen in senior dogs. The dogs with overweight tend to develop heart disease. This problem can arise when your dog’s diet and fitness level are not well-balanced. It is recommended for a regular checkup to reveal any heart issue. The natural solution to this problem is to maintain a lean diet along with a healthy exercise routine.


Dog diabetes is a familiar dog health issue. Old dogs are more at the risk of developing diabetes. Often it goes undetected. The indications of dog diabetes include cataracts, lethargy, polydipsia, polyuria, weight gain and weight loss. Dogs with overweight are at a much greater risk of developing diabetes as per the vets. The bad news is dog diabetes cannot be cured by medications. It can only be managed with insulin injections and proper stabilization. Once the condition is under control, a dog can live a happy and normal life.

Kennel cough

Kennel cough is one of the common dog illnesses. It’s such an infection which can be easily transferred from one dog to another when they interact. It’s like human passing cold when coughing in public. The common signs are lethargy, coughing, leaky nose, and eyes, or lack of appetite. If your dog shows these types of symptoms, you must take him/her to your vet. Your dog will be given a shot of antibiotics made for dogs. When you are sure that your pup is affected, keep him/her away from other dogs so that the illness cannot spread rapidly. Let him/her take a lot of rest.


As a dog lover, you must have knowledge of the most general dog health issues. It will help you know the nature of the diseases, whether you can treat it yourself, or you should rush to your vet. But you should keep it in your mind that they are not the only dog health problems, just some of the more usual ones.

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